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MAPFRE opens a subsidiary in Dubai

MAPFRE has opened its Assistance subsidiary in Dubai, from which the company will coordinate and enhance its current business throughout the Arab Emirates and in Oman. This new office joins the other subsidiaries recently opened by MAPFRE ASISTENCIA in Jordan, Algeria, Egypt and India, within the framework of the company’s expansion policy in this part of the world. Furthermore, in this region, it is also present in Tunisia and Bahrain.

In Dubai MAPFRE ASISTENCIA offers assistance services to the insurance, finance and automobile sectors within its area of influence. This new office will enable the company to enhance its customer services on the local corporate market and will serve as the base from which to launch new programmes and services.

Situated in the Persian Gulf, Dubai -together with the rest of the Arab Emirates and Oman- is one of the regions in the world undergoing the greatest economic growth. MAPFRE ASISTENCIA has been operating in this area since 1994 and forecasts that the new office will continue to boost the growth rate of its business, mainly linked to clients with stable long term investments.

MAPFRE ASISTENCIA, which is present in 43 countries worldwide, is the MAPFRE Group company specialising in assistance (in which it is the leader in Latin America and Asia), travel insurance, specialty risks and senior citizens. It has a portfolio of over 1,200 international clients and its business strategy stands out for its capacity to anticipate and adapt to market needs. It has more than 65 million insureds, 120 million beneficiaries worldwide and a volume of premiums in excess of 430 million euros.

MAPFRE, the leading Spanish insurance company, operates in the insurance, reinsurance, finance and assistance sectors in the majority of the 44 countries in which it is present. The Group, which in 2008 celebrates its 75th anniversary, is the leader in Non Life Insurance in Latin America and has over 31,000 employees and more than 13 million clients worldwide. In 2007, MAPFRE obtained a net result of 730 million euros and revenues of over 15.2 billion. 

Madrid, 11th July 2008.

For further information please contact the MAPFRE General Directorate of Communication and Social Responsibility (telephone 91 581 46 53, 91 581 81 96, fax 91 581 83 82, email


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